Convener: Mitchell Peacock (Kareela PS)

Assistant Convener: Ashlee Rose - (Kareela PS)


Thursday 4th March 2021 at Engadine Leisure Centre​

Zone Swimming Results 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 School Swimming Champion - Sutherland North Public School

Congratulations to our 2021 School Percentage Swimming Champion - Sutherland North Public School


Aged Champions


Jnr Girls - Amelie (Sutherland North)

11 yrs Girls - Chloe (Sutherland North)

Snr Girls - Alice (Sylvania)

Jnr Boys - Connor (Como West)

11 yrs Boys - Aidan (Sutherland)

Snr Boys - Jaxon (Jannali East)​

Andrew Wassell Swimmer of the Meet

Connor (Como West) 



  • TIMED FINALS – these events are seeded heats where final placings are determined by fastest times.

  • Results are posted as soon as ratified and are displayed on the noticeboards at rear of marshaling area.

  • The Two Start rule applies for all events at the Sutherland Zone Swimming Carnival.

  • Protests are to be lodged by the teacher in charge of the school (Team Manager) to the Protest Committee within ten minutes of the completion of the event. The Protest Committee shall consist of; Carnival Referee, Carnival Convener, Assistant Convener and at least one member of the Sutherland Zone Executive.

  • Photographic and/or video evidence taken from outside the official pool deck will never be used by a Referee or the Protest Committee to make a decision on a protest.

  • ONLY SCHOOL SWIMMING CAPS ARE PERMITTED or NO cap may be elected by swimmers.

  • Children must swim in their age group.

  • NO SMOKING in front of students at this school event. Thank you for your co-operation.

Order of Events:

  1. Boys 11‑13 Years 200 Freestyle Relay

  2. Girls 11‑13 Years 200 Freestyle Relay

  3. Boys 8‑10 Years 200 Freestyle Relay

  4. Girls 8‑10 Years 200 Freestyle Relay

  5. Boys 8‑13 Years 100 Freestyle

  6. Girls 8‑13 Years 100 Freestyle

  7. Boys 8 Years 50 Freestyle

  8. Girls 8 Years 50 Freestyle

  9. Boys 9 Years 50 Freestyle

  10. Girls 9 Years 50 Freestyle

  11. Boys 10 Years 50 Freestyle

  12. Girls 10 Years 50 Freestyle

  13. Boys 11 Years 50 Freestyle

  14. Girls 11 Years 50 Freestyle

  15. Boys 12 Years 50 Freestyle

  16. Girls 12 Years 50 Freestyle

  17. Boys 13 Years 50 Freestyle

  18. Girls 13 Years 50 Freestyle

  19. Boys 8‑10 Years 50 Breaststroke

  20. Girls 8‑10 Years 50 Breaststroke

  21. Boys 11 Years 50 Breaststroke

  22. Girls 11 Years 50 Breaststroke

  23. Boys 12‑13 Years 50 Breaststroke

  24. Girls 12‑13 Years 50 Breaststroke

  25. Boys 8‑10 Years 50 Butterfly

  26. Girls 8‑10 Years 50 Butterfly

  27. Boys 11 Years 50 Butterfly

  28. Girls 11 Years 50 Butterfly

  29. Boys 12‑13 Years 50 Butterfly

  30. Girls 12‑13 Years 50 Butterfly

  31. Boys 8‑10 Years 50 Backstroke

  32. Girls 8‑10 Years 50 Backstroke

  33. Boys 11 Years 50 Backstroke

  34. Girls 11 Years 50 Backstroke

  35. Boys 12‑13 Years 50 Backstroke

  36. Girls 12‑13 Years 50 Backstroke

  37. Boys 8‑10 Years 200 IM

  38. Girls 8‑10 Years 200 IM

  39. Boys 11‑13 Years 200 IM

  40. Girls 11‑13 Years 200 IM


The convener reserves the right to alter the order of the program.

Sydney East PSSA Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 16th March 2021


SE - Primary Swimming Championship (nsw.gov.au)

Good Luck to all students who will be representing their school and Sutherland Zone PSSA at the Sydney East Regional Carnival on Tuesday 16th March at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. 2:30pm warm up for a 3:00pm – 7:30pm competition.


Students must have ​their consent form signed and emailed back to Convener prior to SE Carnival.


Parents/Spectators will enter SOPAC through the main entry area (northern end of SOPAC) and will sit on the eastern side of the pool. Spectators must organise an online ticket and show this on entry, please see attached flyer.

Competitors will enter through the ‘Mouse Hole’ (southern end of SOPAC) and will sit on the western side of the pool. Competitors must report to the Team Manager, Mr Peacock, outside the ‘Mouse Hole’ to have their name checked off and then head to western grand stand to the Sutherland Zone Banner where you will have your name marked off by Ms Rose.

They will be selling swimming caps for $10 on the day. It is not compulsory that caps are worn at the regional carnival, however if students choose to wear a cap it must be the Sutherland Zone PSSA Swimming cap.​

The Primary and Secondary swimming championships will be livestreamed on Tuesday 16 March.


To access the livestream go to the Sydney East SSA website –












Good luck to the 12 students representing Sutherland Zone and Sydney East PSSA at the NSWPSSA State Swimming Championship on 31st of March and 1st of April 2021 at SOPAC

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